Weave’s software eases patient relationships, scheduling, and streamline daily tasks for medical professionals. As a new company, Weave needed a website designed and built from the ground up.
For Phase II of the project, Weave wanted to expand their .com site to include more pages and industry-specific content to increase user engagement. Specifically, this project aimed to:
     • Increase software demos with potential customers
     • Expand the content on the .com site to increase pre-sale engagement
       and lead generation
     • Increase Partner sign ups and engagement

For the user experience, this included an expanded information architecture, improved ‘Contact Us’ user flow, and wireframes to optimize user flow through the entire site.
In particular, I focused heavily on designing their Partner Portal experience, where Weave’s partners can access marketing materials, sales information, technical support, and other business specific information.


This website is live and can be viewed at www.getweave.com.
UX Design by Fiona Foster + UI Design by Noah Kuddus
Above: An early sketch of the Partner Portal Dashboard design.