Originally from a teeny tiny town in southern Arizona, I moved to San Francisco to join Critical Mass as a UX Designer and work on site with Apple. Before that, I spent two lovely years in Salt Lake City enjoying the magnificent outdoors and visiting all of Utah’s spectacular national parks. While there, I was a UX Designer at Contravent and before that, a Publications Designer at the Sundance Film Festival.

Some random things about me:

     • I recently started blogging about UX and had articles featured on UXdesign.cc

     • I'm a very serious coffee enthusiast and love my Chemex.

     • Some people play Pokemon Go, I play the Font Game (very, very nerdy).

     • In the past year, I've hiked through 7 national parks, including a 50 mile trek to
       Mount Assiniboine in Canada. Read the deets from our fabulous adventure.

     • Each of my friends has a different nickname for me. These include Fifi, Fio,
       FifiCat, Feebs, Feef, and Fifi Meow Cat. 

     • The cat related nicknames are because I can do a startlingly life-like cat meow.

     • Despite the numerous references to cats, I am actually a very serious dog
       person. This little guy is my favorite.
Still reading!? I like to make new friends, so you should probably say hi. Let's talk.
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