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I’m Fiona, a Lead Experience Designer working on Accessibility at Airbnb. Previously, I was a Senior UX Designer at Google and spent several years in the agency world working for brands like Apple.
I'm originally from Bisbee, Arizona, a tiny southwestern town where I developed a fine taste for tacos and learned to wrestle rattlesnakes. Located just north of the border of Mexico, it’s the kind of place where they have a festival for everything—from honoring our mining town history, to Pride, to celebrating the seasonal return of turkey vultures to the area.
The historic Main Street of Bisbee, Arizona with rolling red hills in the background.
Growing up, I developed an appreciation for the new and unusual. Not only was my hometown a frequent source of entertainment, but my family and I made a habit of taking cross-country road trips every summer, which is how I developed a love for travel. We’ve driven all the way to Key West and even Canada multiple times!
Today, I'm based out of southeastern Idaho, just outside of Grand Teton National Park, where I live with my husband Nick, and our golden retriever, Egg. We spend half the year here, and the other half traveling throughout the West. In our free time, we love doing anything outdoorsy or sporty—hiking, camping, scuba diving, skiing, and more!
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