Car Connect App
The Car Connect App reimagines the future of dealer operations and customer experience in the automotive industry. The app experience fosters loyalty, utility, and transparency between dealerships and consumers. It transforms the typically painful ordeal of car buying and maintenance into a simplified, easy experience.
Partnering with a local Salt Lake City dealership, the Contravent team played a major role in shaping the Car Connect app. Our team conducted extensive stakeholder interviews and conducted on-site interviews with dealership employees to gain a deeper understanding of their pain points. This research shaped the business requirements for the initial design.
To meet our business goals, we needed to design two sides of the app experience: dealer-facing and consumer-facing. Both experiences aimed to balance utility and social features. We wanted to make an app that would be incredibly useful, but also foster deeper trust and engagement between customers and dealerships.
The utility functions strived to provide more accurate repair information, pricing estimates, and improve communication between dealerships and customers. Socially, the app encouraged users to compete with one another on car trivia and ask questions to their local mechanic. Additionally, app users would have access to special loyalty discounts and benefits for using the app.
On the dealer side, employees are encouraged to compete with their colleagues in training and sales challenges for badges and certificates. Additionally, their customer interactions are improved with more comprehensive information on the vehicle’s history. 
The customer-facing app focused on transparency and clarity of information. The user can look up error codes from their car and their true gas mileage. The customer would be able to change their habits to save money on gas and repairs, schedule appointments directly from the app or be notified immediately if there is a recall. Consumers would be able to ask questions about their vehicle to the app community, made up of users and dealership employees.
For this project, I helped translate research and business goals into wireframes and an interactive prototype. I worked within a larger team, including our Product Director, Lead UX Designer, and Art Director. 
UX Design by Fiona Foster + UI Design by Chas Barton

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